Valerian ; Intégrale vol.3 ; t.6 à t.8

Anglais Valerian ; Intégrale vol.3 ; t.6 à t.8 (édition en anglais)

(Scénariste), (Dessinateur)

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This third book of the collected edition contains volumes 6 to 8: Ambassador of the Shadows - the story that directly inspired Luc Besson's film - On the False Earths and Heroes of the Equinox. Over the course of these titles, among the finest in the series, Laureline takes her rightful place as the brains of the outfit, while Valerian fully embraces his role as anti-hero: always brave, but often a bit out of his depth. You will also find the end of the interview with Luc Besson and the authors, and an in-depth portrait of Jean-Claude Mézières, the artist.

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