Pink Flamingo Publications

  • Alyssa's Needs Trilogy

    Olivia M. Ravensworth

  • No Apologies


  • Serena's Sorority Sisters: The Expanded Edition

    Robin Wilde

  • Sub U

    Saundra Brookes

  • Sister Wife

    Imelda Stark

  • Jazzed

    Jo-Anne Wiley

  • The Night Visitor & Other Erotic Stories

    J.P. Kansas

  • The Full Treatment: A Novel of Erotic Worship

    Imelda Stark

  • The Taming of Archer Cordell

    Robin Wilde

  • Folded, Spindled & Mutilated: A Love Story

    Jurgen Von Stuka

  • Kelly's Story

    J.A. Smith

  • Nusquam Beckons

    Chris Bellows

  • Forbidden Pleasures

    Don Julian Winslow

  • Catherine's Destiny: Catherine in Love, Book Three

    Tina Gray

  • A Tale of Two Kingdoms

    Dominic Ridler

  • A Femdom Twofer: Being Alessandra's and DoubleCucked & Regressed

    Jon Zelig

  • Sarah's Steed


  • The Man Whisperer Program: Break Your Husband in Thirty Days

    Jon Zelig

  • The Cuckold Clinic

    Jon Zelig

  • The Classic Olivia M. Ravensworth

    Olivia M. Ravensworth

  • The One Pound Pony Girl

    Charles Graham

  • Road Trip

    Patrick Richards

  • The D/s Blog

    The Discerning Dom

  • The Virgin of Greenbrier: The Greenbrier Trilogy, Book One

    Victoria Morris