• Scarface Nouv.

    Néerlandais Scarface


    • Dupuis
    • 23 Juin 2021

    Je bent een vrowu - een zwarte met Indiaans bloed - en je komt uit ee
    narm Texaans gezin met dertien kinderen. Dan is het niet zo makkelijk
    om je passie voor luchtvaart waar te maken. Al helemaal niet in een
    tijd waarin texas wordt gedomneerd door de racistische Ku-Klux Clan.
    Maar niets of niemand houdt Bessie tegen. Ze wil de lucht in, want
    'daarboven in de wolken zijn we allemaal gelijk'. De ontembare Bessie
    zal heel wat hindernissen moeten overwinnen om haar droom realiteit
    te zien worden.

  • De tranen van Hel


    • Lombard
    • 7 Avril 2021

    Thorgal en Aaricia proberen met de drakar van Sveyn te ontsnappen aan
    de wraak van de wrede koning Harald. Maar ze lijden schipbreuk en
    Thorgal en zijn gezellen stranden op een vreemd eiland. Op hun
    zoektocht naar drinkbaar water verkennen ze de ruïnes van een stad.
    Onder de grond lopen ze, zonder het te beseffen, een nog groter
    gevaar tegemoet dan datgene waar ze voor vluchtten.

  • Chicago, the Seventies. Life is tough when you're an orphan in the streets ? and even more so if you're black. Little Jones, 10, doesn't even know her real name. All she has is a brother who flirts with the Black Panthers, a streak of cunning and determination a mile wide, and a dream: that of some day enlisting into the Army. A chance encounter with war hero Major Whittaker will change her life forever...

  • Kleine Kever


    • Dupuis
    • 6 Janvier 2021

    Sinds het einde van de oorlog heeft niemand Annette gezien, de mooie
    ambulancechauffeur: een heroïsche "Rochambelle". Vijf jaar later is
    het feest op de 36 Quai des Orfèvres: commissaris Vercorian staat op
    het punt om Public Enemy No. 1 te sluiten. Dus wanneer een voormalige
    metgezel om zijn hulp komt vragen bij het vinden van Annette, lost
    hij de zaak op door de verdiensten van zijn zoon, de privédetective
    van het Atom Agency, te prijzen.

  • Aaricia, convinced by Lundgren that her daughter is dead, is preparing to leave the village for good. Wolfcub is very much alive, however, and intends to remain so, despite the danger she faces: Raissa, the wolf pack leader she thought she'd killed, is hunting her relentlessly, now in human form! To escape, the young girl will have to use every trick she knows, and accept help from a handsome and mysterious stranger...

  • Wolfcub is back home, but she's lost nothing of her wild habits and stubbornness, and conflicts with the other villagers are increasingly common. She also refuses to believe that Thorgal is dead, while Aaricia appears to have accepted his passing and is now sharing Lundgren's bed. Disgusted by her mother's behavior, Wolfcub decides to run away, but she is quickly followed by Lundgren's men... as well as a mysterious and frightening woman...

  • Both halves of Wolfcub-her wild side, extracted by Assalepson, and her civilized side-are now in the Realm of Chaos, a land ruled by the monstrous wolf Fenrir, and they will have to cooperate in order to retrieve the severed hand of Tyr, return to their world, and be reunited into a single, whole person. Meanwhile, Aaricia, shattered by Thorgal's supposed death, is beginning to give in to the very man who concocted this malicious lie...

  • It is the early 1920s. The Volstead Act has recently prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol, which means that an active black market has sprung up-a market controlled by legendary gangsters such as Al Capone. Supplies must be secretly shipped from France to its outpost in Saint-Pierre, Newfoundland. This dangerous and illegal trade involves aviators flying primitive sea planes-aviators such as Bessie the "Black Angel," whose mixed heritage also makes her the target of the flourishing Ku Klux Klan. Based on the historical figure of Bessie Coleman, she flies in the face of injustice, prejudice, and discrimination.

  • Stuck in the world of the mysterious Assalepson, Wolfcub has agreed to let the sorcerer extract her wild side. What she didn't know was that he would use that wild side-a physical double of the little girl, filled with all her strength and aggressiveness-to attempt to retrieve a powerful relic from the realm of Fenrir the giant wolf! Meanwhile, back at the village, Aaricia must continue to deal with the villagers' hostility... as well as the handsome Lundgren's insistent attempts to seduce her.

  • While Thorgal is away looking for his son Aniel, his family faces the hostility of certain inhabitants of their Viking village. Thorgal's daughter, the fiercely independent little Wolfcub, finds herself particularly targeted, as her strange talents make people ill at ease. Her ability to speak with animals will come in handy, though, when she finds herself caught in a trap with a genuine wolf. So begins an adventure that will take her far, far from home...

  • After years of torment, the Queen of the Frozen Seas has finally escaped the clutches of Gandalf-the-Mad... and it appears that she knows something of Thorgal's origins. In order to find him, though, she'll have to survive in an unfamiliar world that seems bent on revenge. Could Slivia be the last of her kind? Plus, Thorgal is desperately searching for the love of his life, lost at sea in a storm. He prays to all the gods and goddesses that, against all hope, Aaricia is somehow alive...

  • Young Thorgal is no closer to finding peace and calm, and neither are those close to him. Aaricia's companions are about to be tortured by her own brother, and she finds no help in Thorgal, who is off on a desperate search for Hierulf. The wise man narrowly escaped death on the Sacrificial Rock, but hasn't been seen since... Is he even still alive? Meanwhile, Gandalf-the-Mad is keeping a beautiful woman prisoner in a windbeaten tower. But this fiery-haired queen may have more to her than meets the eye...

  • Atom Vercorian is trying to make it as a private detective in post-war Paris, and he just needs that one big case to make a name for himself. His father, a police detective, isn't making any headway in the case of a jewelry theft in the south of France. Atom, however, gets a lead that takes him and his partners, Mimi and Jojo, south to Marseille, where they meet ex-resistance fighters, gangsters, and henchmen. With audacity and enthusiasm, Atom and his cohorts dance their way through the worlds of organized crime, pro wrestling, and the ultra-rich in the pursuit of Miss France 1930's stolen jewels. This could be Atom's big break-if he survives the experience!

  • In the next chapter of Thorgal's early years, Aaricia has been captured. It's up to the young hero to save his beloved from the savage berserkers-unless one of his rivals gets there first. There's Sigurd, the handsome drakkar captain speeding across the waves in pursuit of the berserkers, and Nigürd, the jarl's squirrel-toothed son, who might have more up his sleeve than meets the eye... They'll have to work together to survive the stormy sea and have any hope of rescuing Aaricia before the berserkers' chief, Moldi-the-Furious, decides her fate.

  • Double 7 Double 7


    The Spanish Civil War attracted involvement from a wide variety of governments, individuals and political factions, with Italians, Germans, and North Africans helping Franco and his supporters, and the Soviet Union, Mexico, and international brigades aiding the Republicans. Dusting off a little-known and often forgotten chapter of history, the authors take us back to this remarkable and terrible period of war as only they can, with a tale full of scheming intrigues. The world they uncover is one of no-holds-barred plotting to obtain victory at whatever the cost. And in the midst of the backstabbings and despair, one young Russian pilot falls in love with a feisty Spanish freedomfighter. In the hope it will outlast the bitter conflict engulfing them all.

  • Last seen hunting aquatic snakes in Hawaii, Dottie is now an amateur detective in Los Angeles. On her first case, our favorite pin up finds herself searching for a mysteriously missing starlet, as she takes on a role in Alfred Hitchcock's new thriller! After exploring the grisly Las Vegas underworld and the dark side of paradise, with this tenth installment the authors of Pin-Up offer a fascinating look at behind-the-scenes Hollywood, marked by murders worthy of the master of suspense himself.

  • Former shipping company clerk turned adventurer Theodore Poussin arrives on the oyster farming island of Long Andju in Malaysia looking for a mysterious woman who has gone missing. She disappeared during a bloody coup d'etat in which her father lost control of the land. A contaminated oyster reef has rendered the last pearl harvest worthless, and tensions are rising on the small island, as pirates, sailors, assassins, rajahs, foreign businessmen, diplomats, and amorous youths all scheme to get what they want, be it power, gold, pearls, or the affection of their heart's desire. The mysterious Mr. November is once again along for the ride, in a tale dripping with the mood and humidity of its tropical colonial setting.

  • Pin-up 9. Venom


    To escape the vengeance of a Las Vegas mobster, former pin-up girl Dottie takes refuge in Hawaii. After altering her appearance to stay under the radar, she begins earning a good living capturing poisonous aquatic snakes and selling their venom to laboratories. Will Dottie succeed in evading the cold-blooded mafia hit-woman who has been sent to track her down? Will she triumph over a destiny that seems determined to destroy her? This book completes the Las Vegas cycle.

  • Pin-up - Volume 8


    Let the games begin! Fired from gangster Gus Greenbaum's casino, Dottie is now working for Hugh Hefner, owner of the Playboy empire of a thousand women. The company's cardinal rule: "Your most precious possession is your little cotton tail. You must always be sure to keep it fluffy and white." Of course a slew of wrongdoers want Hefner's skin, in particular a nasty fellow who doesn't hesitate to go to extreme lengths to achieve his malicious ends. Hefner's very survival will depend on none other than Dottie, as events start to spiral out of control.

  • No blacklisted gambler escapes the sharp eye of professional casino spotter Dottie! Irresistible but untouchable, Dottie is second to none at cooling the ardor of overly enterprising clients, even if it means incurring the wrath of such luminaries as the great Frank Sinatra himself. During off-hours, Dottie returns to the apartment she shares with her friend Millicent. A novelist in desperate search of a publisher, Millicent is more importantly the daughter of Bugsy Siegel, the infamous gangster who met his fate under a hail of mob bullets. Dottie is assaulted by a killer who mistakes her for Millicent, and finds herself embroiled in her friend's dark world despite her best intentions. Then a mysterious young woman introduces her to Hugh Hefner, creator of Playboy magazine...

  • Things aren't going Dottie's way. Howard Hugues hasn't kept his promise to free Gary from the Russians, and Dottie isn't sure she'll succeed in helping him escape the gulag, or even in freeing herself from the ever-watchful eye of the megalomaniac billionaire. It seems nothing can be accomplished without the help of... Poison Ivy! This sixth volume beautifully concludes the second triptych of the "Pin-Up" series.

  • In the next chapter of the saga of the skald's early years, Thorgal is in love! He and Aaricia are talking of marriage, of running away, of a future together. But Aaricia's father, Gandalf-the-Mad, has other plans. A dozen handsome, strong, and mostly intelligent suitors have shown up to the summer festival of Sigrblót to fight for her hand in marriage. But there is another mysterious guest on hand for the festival: Runa, a shieldmaiden, who comes bearing a kingly gift for the village lord. But what is the true reason behind her visit?

  • American pilot-spy Gary Francis Powers has been shot down by Soviet forces and languishes in a dank prison cell awaiting trial. His wife, Dottie - a.k.a. "Poison Ivy" - continues her uneasy alliance with billionaire film producer Howard Hughes, who has promised to help her free Gary - in return for certain favors. Meanwhile, cartoonist Milton toils away at his adventure strip, "Steve Canyon," and his precocious teenage daughter advises him on how to spice up the long-running comic. The "Canyon" storyline begins to parallel world events, which may get Milton into some very hot water.