Johan Gielis

  • This book focuses on the origin of the Gielis curves, surfaces and transformations in the plant sciences. It is shown how these transformations, as a generalization of the Pythagorean Theorem, play an essential role in plant morphology and development. New insights show how plants can be understood as developing mathematical equations, which opens the possibility of directly solving analytically any boundary value problems (stress, diffusion, vibration...) . The book illustrates how form, development and evolution of plants unveil as a musical symphony. The reader will gain insight in how the methods are applicable in many divers scientific and technological fields.

  • This book contains a collection of papers presented at the 2nd Tbilisi Salerno Workshop on Mathematical Modeling  in March 2015.  The focus is on applications of mathematics in physics, electromagnetics, biochemistry and botany, and covers such  topics as multimodal logic, fractional calculus, special functions,  Fourier-like solutions for PDE's,  Rvachev-functions and linear dynamical systems.  Special  chapters focus on recent uniform analytic descriptions of natural and abstract shapes using the Gielis Formula.  The book is intended for a wide audience with interest in application of mathematics to modeling in the natural sciences.