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  • This book investigates a special genre of interpreting in the Chinese context, namely Government Press Conference (GPC) Interpreting. Drawing on the modality system from Systemic Functional Grammar and a corpus of 21 interpreting events, the project explores the regular patterns of modality shifts in Chinese-English GPC interpreting and seeks explanations in the sociocultural context. As a corpus-based project, the book covers qualitative analysis of the sociocultural context, qualitative analysis of the interpersonal effects of modality shifts, and quantitative analysis of modality shifts. This book will contribute to the understanding of the distinctive features of GPC interpreting in China, shed new light on the rendition of modality between Chinese and English in specific contexts, and also inspire new thoughts on the nature of interpreting in general.

  • Filou, le jeune panda roux, est un adorable cuisinier qui trouve toujours une bonne recette au fil de ses aventures. Courageux et malicieux, il partage ses recettes et ses plats avec ses amis et sa famille.
    Pour cette premier tome, Filou nous fait redécouvrir un très grand dessert en s'inspirant d'une course de bateaux-dragons !
    Oubliez donc Top Chef ou Master Chef et laissez-vous guider par ce petit génie (trop choux !) qui ravira vos papilles et l'imaginaire des enfants.

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    ?This book focuses on the existing knowledge regarding the effect of global climate change on tea plant physiology, biochemistry, and metabolism as well as economic and societal aspects of the tea industry. Specifically, this book synthesizes recent advances in the physiological and molecular mechanisms of the responses of tea plants to various abiotic and biotic stressors including high temperature, low temperature or freezing, drought, low light, UV radiation, elevated CO2, ozone, nutrient deficiency, insect herbivory, and pathogenic agents. This book also discusses challenges and potential management strategies for sustaining tea yield and quality in the face of climate change. Dr. Wen-Yan Han is a Professor and Dr. Xin Li is an Associate Professor at the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (TRI, CAAS), Hangzhou, PR China. Dr. Golam Jalal Ahammed is an Associate Professor at the Department of Horticulture, College of Forestry, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang, PR China.

  • This book provides a comprehensive presentation on energy-efficient management in urban rail transit system via operations research and uncertain optimization methods. It is suitable for researchers, engineers, and students in the fields of transport management. The readers will learn numerous new modeling ideas on reducing tractive energy consumption and improving regenerative energy utilization, and find this work a useful reference.

  • Cytology is a unique subspecialty in anatomic pathology, and plays a critical role in the diagnosis of a variety of benign and malignant lesions by using minimally invasive procedures, such as fine needle aspiration, brushing, washing and lavage.  Cytology not only provides an accurate diagnosis of the lesion based on the cytomorphological evaluation at cellular level, but also provides material for molecular characterization of a tumor for targeted therapy.  In the era of personalized medicine, cytology has continued to grow and evolve as an important diagnostic tool.  For example, some types of procedures are routinely used, diagnostic criteria have become more refined, and certain terminology has been changed based on current WHO classifications.  Therefore, it is necessary to update our knowledge and terminology in cytology.  
    In this volume, we have retained the quality and the clarity of the series, and like the other volumes, this volume aims to be concise and comprehensive yet clinically relevant to daily practice.  Although this volume is written by multiple authors, all chapters follow a similar format: brief introduction of the specific organ/system (including types of specimens and techniques to obtain samples), description of normal findings, and a practice approach to diagnose benign and malignant lesions.  In each chapter, the key cytomorphological feature and main differential diagnoses of the lesion are summarized in a concise table.  Images in each chapter are instructive and clearly represent findings.  Where necessary, we have also illustrated the important ancillary tests, such as flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and molecular analysis, which are crucial for an accurate diagnosis and targeted therapy.  The updated knowledge, including key cytomorphological features, current terminology and molecular diagnostic tests, is the highlight of this volume.  

  • The book aims at perfecting the national governance system and improving national governance ability. It evaluates the balance sheets of the state and residents, non-financial corporations, financial institutions and the central bank, the central government, local government and external sectors - the goal being to provide a systematic analysis of the characteristics and trajectory of China's economic expansion and structural adjustment, as well as objective assessments of short and long-term economic operations, debt risks and financial risks with regard to the institutional and structural characteristics of economic development in market-oriented reform. It puts forward a preliminary analysis of China's national and sectoral balance sheets on the basis of scientific estimates of various kinds of data, analyzes from a new perspective the major issues that are currently troubling China - development sustainability, government transformation, local government debt, welfare reform, and the financial opening-up and stability - and explores corresponding policies, measures, and institutional arrangements. 

  • This book discusses how biological molecules exert their function and regulate biological processes, with a clear focus on how conformational dynamics of proteins are critical in this respect. In the last decade, the advancements in computational biology, nuclear magnetic resonance including paramagnetic relaxation enhancement, and fluorescence-based ensemble/single-molecule techniques have shown that biological molecules (proteins, DNAs and RNAs) fluctuate under equilibrium conditions. The conformational and energetic spaces that these fluctuations explore likely contain active conformations that are critical for their function. More interestingly, these fluctuations can respond actively to external cues, which introduces layers of tight regulation on the biological processes that they dictate. A growing number of studies have suggested that conformational dynamics of proteins govern their role in regulating biological functions, examples of this regulation can be found in signal transduction, molecular recognition, apoptosis, protein / ion / other molecules translocation and gene expression. On the experimental side, the technical advances have offered deep insights into the conformational motions of a number of proteins. These studies greatly enrich our knowledge of the interplay between structure and function. On the theoretical side, novel approaches and detailed computational simulations have provided powerful tools in the study of enzyme catalysis, protein / drug design, protein / ion / other molecule translocation and protein folding/aggregation, to name but a few. This work contains detailed information, not only on the conformational motions of biological systems, but also on the potential governing forces of conformational dynamics (transient interactions, chemical and physical origins, thermodynamic properties). New developments in computational simulations will greatly enhance our understanding of how these molecules function in various biological events.

  • This book provides readers with an up-to-date account of the use of machine learning frameworks, methodologies, algorithms and techniques in the context of computer-aided design (CAD) for very-large-scale integrated circuits (VLSI). Coverage includes the various machine learning methods used in lithography, physical design, yield prediction, post-silicon performance analysis, reliability and failure analysis, power and thermal analysis, analog design, logic synthesis, verification, and neuromorphic design. Provides up-to-date information on machine learning in VLSI CAD for device modeling, layout verifications, yield prediction, post-silicon validation, and reliability;
    Discusses the use of machine learning techniques in the context of analog and digital synthesis;
    Demonstrates how to formulate VLSI CAD objectives as machine learning problems and provides a comprehensive treatment of their efficient solutions;
    Discusses the tradeoff between the cost of collecting data and prediction accuracy and provides a methodology for using prior data to reduce cost of data collection in the design, testing and validation of both analog and digital VLSI designs.
    From the Foreword
    As the semiconductor industry embraces the rising swell of cognitive systems and edge intelligence, this book could serve as a harbinger and example of the osmosis that will exist between our cognitive structures and methods, on the one hand, and the hardware architectures and technologies that will support them, on the other....As we transition from the computing era to the cognitive one, it behooves us to remember the success story of VLSI CAD and to earnestly seek the help of the invisible hand so that our future cognitive systems are used to design more powerful cognitive systems. This book is very much aligned with this on-going transition from computing to cognition, and it is with deep pleasure that I recommend it to all those who are actively engaged in this exciting transformation.

    Dr. Ruchir Puri, IBM Fellow, IBM Watson CTO & Chief Architect, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

  • Respiratory Monitoring in Mechanical Ventilation Nouv.

    This book covers the up-to-date advancement of respiratory monitoring in ventilation support as well as detecting the physiological responses to therapeutic interventions to avoid complications. Mechanical ventilation nowadays remains the cornerstone in life saving in critically ill patients with and without respiratory failure. However, conclusive evidences show that mechanical ventilation can also cause lung damage, specifically, in terms of ventilator-induced lung injury.
    Respiratory monitoring encloses a series of physiological and pathophysiological measurements, from basic gas exchange and ventilator wave forms to more sophisticated diaphragm function and lung volume assessments. The progress of respiratory monitoring has always been accompanied by advances in technology. However, how to properly conduct the procedures and correctly interpret the data requires clear definition.
    The book introduces respiratory monitoring techniques and data analysis, including gas exchange, respiratory mechanics, thoracic imaging, lung volume measurement, and extra-vascular lung water measurement in the initial part. How to interpret the acquired and derived parameters and to illustrate their clinical applications is presented thoroughly. In the following part, the applications of respiratory monitoring in specific diseases and conditions is introduced, including acute respiratory distress syndrome, obstructive pulmonary diseases, patient-ventilator asynchrony, non-invasive ventilation, brain injury with increased intracranial pressure, ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction, and weaning from mechanical ventilation.
    This book is intended primarily for ICU physicians and other practitioners including respiratory therapists, ICU nurses and trainees who come into contact with patients under mechanical ventilation. This book also provides guidance for clinical researchers who take part in respiratory and mechanical ventilation researches.

  • Bienvenue en Chine ! est le deuxième ouvrage issu de la collection Sinogramme, dédié au monde chinois (culture, art, histoire, société).
    La Chine est un marché incontournable qui attire les investisseurs du monde entier. Y réussir est de plus en plus difficile,. car la concurrence est à la hauteur des convoitises. Plus que partout ailleurs, la compréhension et la connaissance de l'environnement culturel, économique et social sont indispensables pour se positionner ou évoluer de manière harmonieuse comme profitable dans le pays. Nombreux sont ceux qui expriment leurs difficultés à communiquer avec les Chinois dans leurs relations amicales ou professionnelles. Ce guide propose de partager l'essentiel de ce savoir vivre avec toute personne curieuse de découvrir l'Empire du Milieu par ses codes et ses pratiques, mais également soucieuse de mettre tous ses atouts au service de sa réussite.

  • Machinations, empoisonnements, clairvoyance ou destins singuliers : bienvenue dans le monde de la politique chinoise. Du premier empereur chinois à la chute de la dernière dynastie, l'Empire du Milieu recèle de faits politiques et de récits incroyables, véritable socle de connaissances pour mieux comprendre aujourd'hui sa culture et sa gouvernance.

  • A timely guide using iterative learning control (ILC) as a solution for multi-agent systems (MAS) challenges, showcasing recent advances and industrially relevant applications Explores the synergy between the important topics of iterative learning control (ILC) and multi-agent systems (MAS) Concisely summarizes recent advances and significant applications in ILC methods for power grids, sensor networks and control processes Covers basic theory, rigorous mathematics as well as engineering practice